We develop an innovation for your frozen supply storage within UltraCelsius Icepack. Our modified formula helps you, not only preserving the temperature, but also store the energy and transfer it to your product, make it chilled even longer.


Becoming advanced manufacturer for portable cooling technology.


Deliver benefits for our customers and eventually shaping a better society.


Save energy, preserve quality for better society.


Our team is comprised of dedicated individuals that represents our company’s spirit, together we will keep moving forward to bring benefit to our society and customer.

Muhammad Rumi Djalil

CEO & Acting CFO

As he graduated from Law Faculty at University of Indonesia, he started his career as an investment Banker at Citigroup. Then, he was appointed as a direct staff of the CEO in restructuring the Indonesian railways. Years after, he got his international master of business degree from The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. He continued his career at McKinsey and was trusted to handle multiple projects as Strategic Management, Operations and Finance.

Bangkit Dadang Suherman


Being well trained as an accountant, makes him the master of all trades. Bangkit Dadang Suherman was once an entrepreneur, senior management enterprise, a reporter, and even an aircraft maintenance technician. His curiosity and his goal to provide benefits to our society has led him to join our company. Through various background of experience, he managed to bring massive impact for Ultracelcius.

Gaga Candra Pradipta


Being the youngest member in our core team, he always come up with creative solutions in problem solving and developing our company’s quality. With his practical way of thinking, he can spot a problem even before it occurred. He loves to mingle with every layer in the organization and keeping tight professional relationship and keeping the dynamic in the company.